Gloss Groups allow you to group players by their permission group. You can then configure group specific features through gloss.

Groups Folder

The groups folder is located in Gloss's data folder (Gloss/groups). In this folder, by default, it will contain a help.txt file explaining different parameters you can use.

Creating a custom group

Simply duplicate either the _op.yml or member.yml and rename it to your permission group name you wish to add to.

# Modifies the player's tablist name
# I.e. &7cyberpwn
tablist-name: '&7$player'
# Show a specific board for this group upon login
default-board: member-board

Simply save the file and use /gloss reload.

The _op.yml file is formatting and board information for ops since they may or may not have a default group.

If you do not wish to use a group specific default board, simply set it to a board name that doesn't exist such as "none".