Gloss integrates with several plugins to improve the setup and runtime experience.


Gloss offers placeholder support in holograms, boards, tablist, and really anywhere gloss supports its own filters.


Gloss also offers MVDWPlaceholders in holograms boards, tablist and anywhere else gloss filters are supported.

Holographic Displays

Gloss offers a converter for your existing Holographic Displays holograms. To convert your existing holographic displays to gloss holograms, use

/gloss convert hd


Gloss offers a converter for your existing CMI holograms. To convert them use

/gloss convert cmi


Gloss will use LightAPI if it is installed to emit light on holograms to make them much more visible at night. You can disable this functionality in the configuration even if you still need lightapi.


Gloss uses the chat for formatting emojis and getting information from chat bubbles. Gloss fully supports DeluxeChat.


Gloss does not offer any conversion with featherboard since both plugins approach boards differently. If featherboard is installed, gloss disables its own boards.


Gloss uses vault for gloss groups and group checking. If vault is not installed, Gloss groups will not work.